A special sculptor

When building the Tower of Babel had failed, the people scattered all over the world. God forgave them what they had done. Although they served idols, but they lived in peace with each other and there was no one who stole something from another. Who actually saw your idols everywhere: at the court of the king, his advisers and magicians at home. Even Terah, the father of Abraham, had idols at home. Twelve to be exact. One for each month. He worshiped it and sacrificed for them. He also self-images and they sold to foreigners. Abraham had studied in the school of Shem and Eber, an important religious school. There he had learned about the One True God. When Abraham came back with his parents, he wanted his father that True God would know. He did notice how wrong it was to run after idols.

One day, Abraham had to fit in his father's image store. "If someone comes, then you sell it, huh?" Terah had said. Abraham had nodded. But meanwhile, he devised a plan. Abraham looked around. There were quite a few images in this store: big, small, thick, thin, in all sizes and all price ranges.

Then came a big, strong man inside. "I want an idol," he cried. "One who is as strong as I am." "Then you have this," said Abraham, and he put a statue of the man down. Who looked suspicious. "Is-he'll be strong I told you: One that is as strong as I am." "Well," said Abraham, "he was at the top, in a place of honor. If this has no effect, he was in the wrong place. If you want to pay here, you can bring your god right. Then who did it governs itself further with you. "The man paid. He was on the point of going away, when Abraham called him back: "How old are you?" he asked. "How old? Seventy years," the man replied. "And tell me, do you want to go self bow to this or do you think this will bow down to you?" "What is that to ask?" the man exclaimed. "Now he is my God, so therefore I will bow to him. And I'm going to serve." "But you're a lot older than your God, for it has only made my father this morning." The man gulped and swallowed again. He thought. "I do not picture you," he said as he pushed the image of himself, "Give me my money back." "Okay," said Abraham, and he did what the man asked.

Moments later, an old and shabby dressed woman the image store. "I want a god who is as poor as I am," she said. "That's good," Abraham said. He picked up a small statue of the bottom shelf, "This is exactly what for you!" The woman looked suspicious. "Is not this too demanding? I am a lonely, poor widow and my poverty is very high. I must have no other god who demands a lot from me, like all those rich people, because I have nothing." "Look at" Abraham answered and he loved the statuette crooked in his hands, "this is still a cute god? So nice modest! It does not take much and he has compassion for poor people like you." The woman was reassured. They paid the price of the statue and was going to the point, when Abraham called her back. "I've just told you that this is a modest god," he said. "I'll be honest: he is very very modest though!" "Oh?" the woman asked. "He was only made this morning." When the woman heard that she was so disappointed, they threw the statue on the ground and walked away angrily.

There a woman came into the shop. She had a big plate of food with them. "Please," she said to Abraham, "This is not for you, this is for those gods there. They have to eat it? Then they are least satisfied. Gods must keep your friend." She put the plate down and went away.

When Abraham had had enough. He took a thick stick and hit all the images broken. Except one: the greatest. That he put into his hands the stick. Not long after, Terah, the father of Abraham back. With wide open mouth, he looked around. His shop was full of broken images beaten. He was terribly angry. "What happened here?" he cried. "Who did that?" "My dear father," Abraham replied, "why should I care lie? There came a moment ago a woman with a plate of the most delicious food. To perform the gods. I have it neatly before they put down and when those images were still arguing! each wanted the whole board for himself alone. Finally, the greatest god picked up a stick and that all the others beaten to pieces. "

"Get well soon!" Terah said. "You know yourself that it can not Idols not talk or move,? Who can do nothing." "Now you tell yourself," called Abraham. "At least if your ears hear what your mouth says." Terah threw his arms up. "But a man has to have a god?" "There is a god," said Abraham, "I mean the Living God, the God who is in charge of the universe, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in it. That God is my God. "Terah thought. Such a God, that was quite different than those figurines that he made himself. To a God he was still getting used to.

Not long after Abraham pulled away from that area. He could no longer live among all those people who had gods that were made that morning. And so hard were as wood or stone. He believed in a different God.